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Charity - Samantha's Purpose, Cerebral Paulsy



Who are you?

On July 16, 2005, baby Samantha was born 12 weeks premature, and due to complications of her premature birth, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 18 months. Samantha’s parents, Manny and Michelle Garcia, found themselves in a whirlwind of specialists, therapy clinics, and medical bills that would not be covered by their insurance, and they were not alone.

Many families of children with Cerebral Palsy are unable to continue therapy or to purchase special equipment due to high cost and little government assistance. Their challenge-filled stories and those of many other families is what fueled their desire to give Samantha’s disability a “purpose”, thus what inspired Michelle & Manny to start the Samantha’s Purpose foundation


How does a DOJO purchase help your cause?

Every purchase from DOJO that gives to Samantha’s Purpose helps fund therapy programs and procurement of special equipment for the families of children with Cerebral Palsy.

With the lack of support given by the government for children with this disease, every little bit helps ensure we give one more child a fighting chance to live a normal life, or just live in general.