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Charity - Behavior Links

About Us

Behavior Links is a charitable foundation that offers individualized support to individuals with special needs for a free or low cost. We work with individuals locally in South Florida and internationally. In South Florida, we offer short-term intensive educational and therapeutic programs as well as vocational training. Internationally, we provide direct support to orphanages, local organizations, and schools for children with disabilities by creating systematic and positive changes via training, intervention strategies, behavior management, provision of materials needed, and related.



Our mission is to help each individual with special needs realize their full potential by actively involving their family and the community through education and training.


How will a DOJO purchase support our cause?

Donations generated from DOJO will directly support two programs:

- Give a Child a Voice: Funding for a therapist to work directly with a child with minimal or no verbal skills to obtain and learn how to use an alternative and/or augmentative form of communication. You will give them a voice!

- International Programs: Funding rescue trips where therapists to travel other countries and work intensively at institutions that help children and adults with disabilities, such as orphanages, schools, and organizations. Support is provided via much needed one-to-one training, program implementation, and materials needed to support growth and learning.


Liliana Dietsch-Vazquez
Behavior Links
Tel #: 954-237-3340
Fax #: 954-391-8176



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