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 As a child, I remember my mother handcrafting beaded jewelry as a hobby and I would always find myself watching her work. I never thought that one day I would be creating my very own custom jewelry. In 2015, I found myself making a gorgeous black onyx gemstone bracelet for a Birthday present and discovered my drive to create beautiful treasures and my love for fine gems “Mother Nature’s healers”. From that point on, I decided to become a jewelry designer and created the Name SAB Crèations. The name comes from the first three letters of my first name followed by the word creations in french since French is one of my native languages.

REFUND POLICY: We will refund all products that are not damaged within 7 days of being purchased. Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your product and we'll take care of you right away. 


Contact Name: Sabra Malary   |   Office #: (305) 555-1234    |    Website: 

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